Get your rage on!

Like many others, music is a significant part of my existence. The never ending soundtrack marks every major event that I can remember, and these sounds accompany me on my daily journeys.

Hootie and the Blowfish’s “Hold my Hand” accompanied me as I left the hospital parking lot in early morning after the birth of my son. U2 spilled out of Billy Down’s room into the foyer as I entered the Pi Kappa Phi fraternity house for the first time. Randy Travis’ “Forever and Ever Amen” enveloped Trisha and I as we danced for the first time as husband and wife during our wedding reception.

Some memories are not so grand; As shared on twitter during a morning drive from Frankfurt to Munich, roaring down the A3 (Autobahn) at a steady 125mph while listening to Boston’s “More than a Feeling” (a favorite of my deceased father).

I expect that you know what I’m talking about, so let me share some additional examples to give you an idea of what I listen to

There is one playlist that I tend to use most often, generally when I’m heading into work in the early morning, or when I’m prepping for a key meeting… it gets the blood flowing, stirs my inner demon, and puts me in the right frame of mind

Give it a listen and share what you listen to: Alfa’s music to get your RAGE on

Until next time, be intentional.


About Jeff

A long time resident of Southeastern Michigan, I am husband to the beautiful Trisha and father to three incredibly bright, compassionate, amazing young adults. I have been called husband, father, brother, friend, demon, scoundrel, team-mate, leader, misfit. I constantly seek personal and professional environments that encourage creativity, empower individuals, and foster excellence. is an opportunity to share thought and opinion based on my personal and professional experience. My passion for learning remains the driver to become a better friend, husband, and father. The focus of my professional efforts (and satisfaction in what I do) is developing effective teams and equipping others to become exceptional leaders. My personal mission statement: to inspire, to love, to promise, to share, to believe that nothing is impossible
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