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Reflections on Mother’s Day: Personal Goals

This time around, I’ll yield the podium to Mary Ericson who had offered up her thoughts on her personal goals. There are three rules that my boss shared and wish for us to follow: Expectation drives behavior Don’t feed the … Continue reading

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Honoring your priorities

As a personal policy, my work calendar has always been available to each person within the organization, mainly because I want anybody to be able to find me, or to be able to assess whether or not they are comfortable … Continue reading

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So you’re a Manager… Shame on You!

From personal experience, I have found that leadership and management are two notions that are often used interchangeably. I’ve always thought of these two concepts as being quite different and a recent discussion wth a collegue got me thinking that the vast majority … Continue reading

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Really Effective Meetings

When it comes to “how to” posts that proliferate the inter webs,  recommendations for running effective meetings is all too common. Unfortunately, too much of what I’ve read is utter collaborative bullshit that does nothing to help me really organize … Continue reading

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