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So you’re a Manager… Shame on You!

From personal experience, I have found that leadership and management are two notions that are often used interchangeably. I’ve always thought of these two concepts as being quite different and a recent discussion wth a collegue got me thinking that the vast majority … Continue reading

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The Three Laws

When you enter my office, one of the first things that you’ll see are each of “Donaldson’s Laws” hanging on the wall. The laws are three simple edicts that I share often with my workmates and that I repeat regularly. So, … Continue reading

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Managing Humans

I’ve recently become a fan of Michael Lopp’s blogsite Rands in Repose. If you’ve not visited his site before, I’d recommend that you do. Michael writes anecdotes  concerning management, specifically technical management. If you’re an engineering manager or technology manager, … Continue reading

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